Sorry for the recent lack of production, but I was caught under something heavy. So on to the reason you’re here:

Community Supported Agriculture
I was impressed with my first up-close exposure with a program like this: Pay a flat fee at the start of the season and pick up a variety of farm fresh produce weekly. Most refreshing? It was all on the honor system. Even a public lending library will slap a fine on you if you hold onto a book for too long.

Twin River
For those of you who aren’t aware, Twin River is a slot machine parlor with a dilapidated dog track and no table games in Lincoln, RI. It closes at 3 am during the week, is open 24 hours on the weekend, and recently filed Chapter 11 due to a lack of business. The governor’s plan to fix it? Expand the hours. Totally ignoring the first rule of getting out of a hole: Stop digging.

Thanks to Keith E. for the topic.

Coors Light Cold Activated Bottles and Cans
Right up there with the stupidest sales promos of all time, Coors Light’s cans and bottles that turn blue when they’re cold assume that either their consumers are morons, or they lack the sense of touch. Although given Coors Light’s target market, both could be true.

The Muppets
Half-moppet, half-puppet and 100% enjoyable, The Muppets are at the pinnacle of entertainment that can be shared by kids and adults. I defy you to take in this clip of The Muppet Show’s house band Electric Mayhem with Dizzy Gillespie and then not look at more clips. Quite simply, it’s fucking fantastic.

Thanks to Aaron E. for the topic.

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