I know the language is evolving, much the way we are (suck it, creationists), but I don’t have to like it. The new writing is just lazy. Don’t know a rule? Ignore it. Spell check? Don’t bother. You can just write: Im going 2-nite R U? LOL.

Social Security Disability
After completing the months long application process, your approval is sent via what’s called a notice of award. It’s an award, like you won something. I was expecting it to open with:

Congratulations! You have a severe disability that negatively impacts your life. You’re a BIG winner.

If someone harms you, I mean really damages your soul, hate them. Hate them long. Hate them hard. But as the days turn to months or even (if they really fucked up) years, use the energy it took to hate for something positive. You can start by not hating.

Pharmaceutical Advertising
One of the more amusing aspects of marketing prescription only drugs is that product names must be easily identifiable and memorable to consumers. As an example, I give you AciPhex. Combating the varied symptoms of acid reflux disease, AciPhex sounds pretty good–until you realize you’ve got to ask your doctor about it. AciPhex is pronounced Ass Effects.

Plug Box
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This issue’s take away: The Bible is a novel, not a text book.