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Outsourcing Customer Service
The Truth: “Hello, my name is Mushnick Kumas Al-Akbar, but I’ve been told to tell you it’s Mark. If you can’t understand me then we’re ready to begin: First we’ll try 800 steps designed to try your patience, and then, if I haven’t cut you off, I’ll discover your warranty ran out three hours ago, and so your gizmo is as fucking useless as tits on a bull (which, along with cows, are sacred). Thank you for calling.”

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Mac and Tab
“Mac is a rat. Tab is a cat.” And with those words, thousands of kids began to learn how to read. Now, I’m looking for back up. Can anyone confirm a Mac and Tab book where Tab actually eats Mac, only to have an operation in which a fully formed Mac (there are no stomach acids in kids books) is removed from Tab’s gut? Or is the entire thing a product of my warped imagination?

Baby Registry
As The MDC, and his wife await the arrival of their first bundle of joy, the arduous task of creating a gift registry for a baby shower began weeks ago. It didn’t take long for me to realize these things prey on the insecurities of first time parents to sell them utter crap, either that or I was brought up by monsters. After all , I never had day-glo gore-tex socks that played Elvis Presley every time I shit my diapers.

War. Starvation. Greed. Genocide. Sarah Palin. And we wonder why beings from another planet haven’t made themselves known, yet. Is there other intelligent life in the universe? I’m still waiting for proof that there’s intelligent life here.

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This issue’s take away: Without regulation, free markets can turn into anything but.