Newt Gingrich
A scumbag in every sense of the word, this presidential hopeful divorced his second wife while she was dying of cancer. Imagine his end of that conversation: “Well, you know I care about you, but the doctors gave you six months, and frankly, I can’t wait that long.”

Private Jokes
As long as your sense of humor isn’t based on them, private jokes are okay. Whether they exist between a small group of friends or two loving hearts, private jokes are best if unexplained. So please don’t feel the need to explain them unless you’re asked. They’re never as good as you think they are – that’s why they’re private.

Boston Sports
Normally I’m not one for braggarts, but when your city is home to seven major championships in 10 years, a little gloating and over all jack-assery can be excused. So that’s why I’m issuing this call to action for Boston sports fans: give me your best bumper sticker lines regarding any (or all) our championship teams. I’ll post my favorites in a later edition of the MDC. Here’s my contribution:

Boston, Ma
Our sports teams dick punch your sports team.

From the Edge with Photographer Peter Lik
Lamely trying to capitalize on the once popular “Survivor Man” and “Man vs. Wild” series, this Weather Channel program features an Australian photographer going to extremes to get the perfect nature shot. Not a bad idea for a show five years ago, but the extreme portion is toned down when he’s advocating how to extend camera battery life by wrapping it in your underwear.

This Issue’s Take Away: Why isn’t there a Surgeon General’s Warning on alcohol?

The MDC is going on hiatus through August. I’ll be back in September.